Mirages…by Mágica Mistura

Look through clouds

In the distance I see nuances

A future is drawn

New directions, attitudes, successes

Maybe mistakes, who knows?

They are mirages, they come and go

Specifically, the will

continue, discover, explore

I would like to know more

guess days to come

But I am not allowed

I spy through the mist

I make votes, accounts, trim ends

Days yes, others too

I await good news

From somewhere near here


As sure as life

It’s sure that everything is fine.

✨ Mágica Mistura

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Miragens…por Mágica Mistura

Olho por entre nuvens

À distância vejo nuances

Um futuro se desenha

Novos rumos, atitudes,acertos

Talvez erros,quem sabe?

São miragens,vem e vão

De concreto,a vontade

Prosseguir, descobrir,desbravar

Quisera saber mais

Adivinhar dias vindouros

Mas não me é permitido

Espio por entre névoa

Faço votos,contas,aparo pontas

Dias sim,outros também

Aguardo boas novas

De algum lugar perto daqui


Tão certo quanto a vida

É a certeza de que tudo está bem✨

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Night sky…by Mágica Mistura

“Yesterday I looked deeply into the eyes of the night sky…for an instant I could see all the wonderful grandeur of the Cosmos. Believe me, I felt the presence of God as no temple has ever shown or will show me.”

✨ Mágica Mistura


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Strength…by Mágica Mistura

My strength is not brute

No, it’s not…

My strength comes from the forest

They come from prana, they come from the sky

I absorb from the stars what fills me

I borrow from the sun what keeps me

I feel and survive from the energy that surrounds me

And that’s why I make sure it’s clean

And clear, and purified

No, my strength is not brute

It’s ethereal, it’s spiritual

It is born in the depths of the Universe

And spread with Light and Love

For all who awaken to hope!

✨ Mágica Mistura

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Força…por Mágica Mistura

Minha força não é bruta

Não, não é…

Minha força vêm da floresta

Vêm do prana, vêm do céu

Absorvo das estrelas o que me preenche

Empresto do sol o que me mantém

Sinto e sobrevivo da energia que me circunda

E por isso cuido que seja limpa

E clara, e purificada

Não, minha força não é bruta

É etérea, é espiritual

É nascida nas profundezas do Universo

E espalhada com Luz e Amor

Por todos que despertam para a esperança!

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Expand…by Mágica Mistura

“Nothing is more natural than an expanding mind. If the Universe is always expanding, we, as an integral part of the Whole, are also in growing evolution. Release the ties of prejudice, open your mind and your heart to all the wisdom and beauty that the “new” presents you. Allow yourself to believe in the future, living the present with all the clarity and dedication possible.”

✨ Mágica Mistura


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Lessons…by Mágica Mistura

” Being grateful is a constant exercise. It is a work of thoughts, a self-control that is pursued every day, with every new unfolding. It’s breathing deeply, and taking a gift and a lesson from each moment and event. Gratitude!”

✨ Mágica Mistura


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