To forgive…by Mágica Mistura

“When the hot tears of disappointment bathe my face, and the fog of disillusionment clouded my spirit for a few moments… It is at that moment that I stop to analyze how many and how many that same feeling I caused. And relief .”

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Expectation versus Disappointment…by Mágica Mistura

It may sound cliché, but there’s nothing more disappointing than an expectation. Seriously, analyze it for yourself… every time we cast an illusion about a present or future situation, there it is… disappointment in sight. Too pessimistic? No, realistic as the law of gravity, the illusion about a situation, solution or a person, fits within our perspective, not (and almost never) within the priorities, capacities, or wills of the other side. It’s a fact of life. Isn’t it a delight when you, out of the blue, receive news, a visit or a compliment? And when you expect one of those things and it doesn’t come? Disappointment, again, and again, and as many as you insist on.
My goal here is not to throw sand in your dreams, quite the contrary, I want more to help with watering, pruning and cultivation. Without ever, ever forgetting my own, because without believing and investing in myself, there’s not much left to tell. I would like to share my view on this subject and, I confess, seek a way to change this practice in myself.
Overall, well, I don’t know about you, we react with sadness and anger to disappointment. As if somehow magically things were always going to unfold exactly as we planned them to. Ledo deceit…”Man plans and God laughs.” , the saying goes.
And so, once again the dilemma of expectation versus disappointment is announced… time to start changing, agree? If we don’t open ourselves up to understanding that everyone has their own way of thinking and reacting to circumstances, we will never have enough peace of mind to move forward with courage and confidence in others and in life. The funniest thing is that even though we are aware of the undeniable truths of these facts, time and again, we cast our expectation on something, someone or some situation, which predictably will show us how much we have absolutely no control over anything.
So, friends, nothing to do but live, love and let live… no, it’s not simple or easy, otherwise life wouldn’t be… and that’s the purpose of existence, the improvement of experience, of journey and coexistence. Yes, let’s observe ourselves and start there, the change we want so much in others and in humanity. It is possible, it is achievable and it is our most sublime mission.

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