Restart…by Mágica Mistura

Reborn, recreate… reinvent

Unique opportunity every day

A new transmute future

If nothing is infinite

Let it also not be what distresses us It hurts, it corrodes…

Reborn, recreate, reinvent…

Restart the path, the path traced,

Enlightened and established in love!

✨️Mágica Mistura

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Green bush…by Mágica Mistura

“Only those who hear the sound of the waterfall and feel the trees sway in the wind. Only those who step on the soft grass and walk in the green forest. Only those who live nature with their soul, body and heart. Only those who know what the forest is will understand my longing, even when I’m only a few hours away from it here…”

✨️Mágica Mistura

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Mato Verde…por Mágica Mistura

“Só quem ouve o som da cachoeira e sente o balançar das árvores ao vento. Só quem pisa a mansa relva e caminha na mata verde. Só quem vive a natureza com a alma, corpo e coração. Só quem sabe o que é o mato vai entender minha saudade, mesmo quando fico só algumas horas longe disso aqui…”

Mágica Mistura

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Washed soul…by Mágica Mistura

It was raining in the morning. The day became joyful for the plants and dreamy beings like me. It is in the rain and with it that we bathe our spirit in the vital energy of nature. Resplendent and with a clean soul, we are… ready to continue our daily work on this blue planet.

✨️Mágica Mistura

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Alma lavada…por Mágica Mistura

Amanheceu chovendo. O dia tornou-se alegre para as plantas e os seres sonhadores como eu. É na chuva e com ela que banhamos nosso espírito da energia vital da natureza. Resplandecentes e de alma lavada, assim estamos… prontos para continuar a lide diária neste planeta azul.

✨️Mágica Mistura

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Wind music…by Mágica Mistura

The wind has its melody

Just listen

Maybe it’s a constant blow

In your sleeping tone…

Travel and dream…

Maybe even milder,

To walk, relax

The gale, the breeze, the wind

It has a childhood sound

Of innocence…

From the sweet discoveries of the beginning

The wind whistles mischievously

Passing through the bamboo grove

He screams loudly when he finds an open field

Or soft, it’s natural whisper

…a New Age breeze

Hear the message of the wind

Feel with your soul

Let yourself go

Travel free,

In the breeze, in the breath of time…

✨️Mágica Mistura

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In the future. Mágica Mistura

Tomorrow life will wake up pink

The anguish and despair were just nightmares…

No, there was no one who wished evil

Or do nothing for the good

We discovered that the truth is much better than the dream…

Yes, everyone respects each other and knows how far their individuality goes

Without a doubt, solidarity is the north and the reason for our lives…

Tomorrow, the world will wake up golden..

Bathed and bathing everything and everyone in the purest Universal Love

In the future, but please… not so much!

✨️Mágica Mistura

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Angels…by Mágica Mistura

Yes, I believe in Angels. I deeply believe that they are always with us. I don’t understand them as errand boys, ready to listen to our whining and selfish requests, acting so that we have momentary answers and satisfactions. I feel your presence in everything, in beauty and adversity. They are loving and benevolent friends, but they respect our free will. They are with us out of love and operate in our lives through our vibrational frequency. If they have wings? I don’t know. But the Love that lives within us certainly has them!

✨️Mágica Mistura

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Anjos…por Mágica Mistura

Sim, eu acredito em Anjos. Creio profundamente que eles estão sempre conosco. Não os entendo como meninos de recado, prontos a ouvir nossas lamurias e pedidos egoistas, agindo para que tenhamos respostas e satisfações momentâneas. Sinto sua presença em tudo, nas belezas e nas adversidades. São amigos carinhosos e benevolentes, mas que respeitam nosso livre arbitrio. Estão conosco por amor e operam em nossas vidas através de nossa frequência vibratória. Se eles têm asas? Não sei. Mas o Amor que habita em nós certamente as têm!

✨️Mágica Mistura

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Something more…by Mágica Mistura

⁠⁠I’ve heard it said that hope is the last thing to die. I believe she is also the first to be born. It is she who wakes us up every glorious morning, filling us with reasons to continue on a beautiful day that is just beginning. It is through it that we remove from our deepest being, that extra “what” that transforms everything into infinite possibilities.

✨️Mágica Mistura

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