The call…by Mágica Mistura

Stop and listen to the call

Listen to the Earth, listen to the air

Note the majestic presence that fills everything

Delight in the gift of life

Taste the taste, tone, light and color

Listen to the words that the old trees offer you

Words as old as the Cosmos

Forgotten Symbols of a Fabulous Kingdom

That so far away, so close is

A place of cosmic magic

Deep beauty and ancient knowledge

Let’s go… the Masters await us

Cicerones of this journey of Light

And the fairies, elves and elves soon…

Mother Earth is thirsty, they are longing

Your respect, your affection

From your return to origins

Free and loose like a leaf in the wind

child of heaven shrouded

In the eternal sea of happiness…

✨️Mágica Mistura

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