Likes and choices…by Mágica Mistura

what about yellow

If the whole lilac world were

What about the apple

If they only liked orange?

I really love camellias

But roses are beautiful too

There are those who prefer a coffee

Maybe a juice, just water

A brigadeiro, a brioche

Bathe in the sea, or escape to the beach

Taste is taste, it’s different

Spice of life, salt of the earth

There are those who like a drama

Suspense or Romance

Maybe on screen or in a book

Depends on the situation …

Options are welcome

each one an opinion

Free will, acceptance

Appreciate is the word

Everything and everyone, always… anyway

Live fully in the present

Which is what we really have

Undoubtedly, concrete

Only choice, that one…

✨ Mágica Mistura

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