Fable…by Mágica Mistura

Once upon a time…

An infinite will to live

To fly like a seagull

flapping wings like a butterfly

Become a ladybug for a whole day

Then in a whirlpool

Being a snail loose in the garden

Once upon a time there was a chess rabbit

Free, light and loose

Little and happy of life,

Or maybe a little goat

Jumping and Climbing the Hill

There once was a place

Where the seasons alternate

In such a natural dance

They kiss, mingle

Chocolate is creamier

all very tasty

Never go wrong with salt…

There the trees sing in tune

The grass dances with them

The bees and spiders weave together

a color screen

That fills the eyes, it’s beautiful

Once upon a time there was a corner

Full of peace and plenty

Where there are no differences…

… indifference, imposition of beliefs

The daily quest is the truth

love, fraternity

Return to nature, wake up

Preserve the unit…

This wonder exists

It is our “paradise lost”

It’s in us waiting

And despite the regrets

In our immortal spirit

He thrives and insists 🧚✨

✨️Mágica Mistura

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