Divine perfection…by Mágica Mistura

Perfection is in everything

Everywhere you look

Whether in the green of the leaf, in the cat’s eye

In the sound of the cicada, in the wild animal

In the mint plant lives a world

And each mineral or being has its history

In the wake of another day

In the miracle of dawn

Touch with the soul and feel

What awaits you, destiny

If we are a part of everything

We are nature, elements

Fruits and Offspring of the Divine Atom

It’s a comfort and mission

Take care of everything and everyone

Since interconnected

We belong to each other

Keep the world in harmony

It depends on me and you

Of those who live here or there

Let’s start today, now…

With love and a little luck

We will bring the Divine to light

We can rescue tomorrow 🍀

✨️Mágica Mistura

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