Dawn gloom…by Mágica Mistura

Foot to foot

I step to the welcome dawn

I feel the fog on my face,

In my hair…

Clouding the retina

Dark hour, my company

In the darkness of life

I find myself

Alert, whole, revive

A sea of ​​images bathes me

Disjointed ideas, revised chimeras

Words leap out like awakenings from a trance

Collapse in my lines

Ready to have a life of your own

Madly arranged in sentences

And sayings, and texts

I wanted to say more,

I lack inspiration…or maybe not

I’m sorry for the excess

It’s so much, it’s so much cloth

That the sleeve of ideas has passed its point

From the fist, he took the entire hand

Entered the head, exiting through the eyes

Ringing in the ears

It’s a lot of information, literally…

…and figuratively

I pursue, I insist

I capture the unexpected

A flash, at a glance

An abstraction takes shape

Text on screen

Born in the shadows

Weird or surreal

Ready for life, so mine, so beautiful

✨️Mágica Mistura

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