Transcend…by Mágica Mistura

Turn the page, jump the fence

Change the disc, pray the legend

Hold the scream, hold the air

Sail on the moon, move the sea

Dance to the rhythm of the rain,

turn the corner and bet

Make honey and cinnamon cakes

Offer to fairies, gnomes and the like

Braid ribbons in your hair, take off your shoes

Light incense to the cherubim

Transcend beliefs, or disagreements

Explode in glitter, laugh in color

Tile the street with pearls

Spread the scent of flowers,

Become a child and grow up, with all good humor

Send the sadness to the beans, hold tight to the “it already worked”

Run free, with nature learn

Behold the perfect creation, go there

Jump the wall, tear the silks


✨️Mágica Mistura

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