Human…by Mágica Mistura

Human beings


Human rights

human rights

Wise man?!

walks on two legs

Can speak, write… hmmm

Good and bad whatever

Reason, make calculations

Went to the moon, wants to live on Mars

What knowledge, imagine!

hunting for sport

Swallow without pity,

all the gold you can

Make war for anything

Make jokes, make memes, fake news

We consume nature

The oxygen, the oceans

Forgetting that we are one race;

We make fun of the weak

We live in a huge,

Beautiful island…blue, green, beautiful…

We don’t even clean the house

We don’t even do our homework…

But we proceed

Swearing to ourselves

Feet together (both)

How superior are we

That the Universe was made for us!

Better take a try

review concepts

Look around and beyond

Start sowing Peace, Joy, Faith

so that we have

The sacred right to be here…

wise man, humanity

Human beings 🌹

✨ Mágica Mistura

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